Success Story: Isaias

Learn how Project Azul's trainings helped Isaias secure a stable job and independence.

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In 2021, Isaias was looking for a stable job opportunity that offered a living wage. He had been working in construction but was not earning enough to be able to live independently when he heard about Project Azul’s Manufacturing Skills for Success training. Isaias enrolled in the pilot training in November to learn the manufacturing basics he would need to begin a new career.

Isais’ motivation to complete this training was his desire to find a steady job that would provide him with the ability to live independently. Upon completion of the training, he got a job as an Electric Assembly Production Operator with HydroGear, one of Project Azul’s employer partners. This full-time position with an hourly rate of $18 with benefits provided Isaias with the financial stability he needed to start an independent life. Additionally, Project Azul was able to help him obtain housing by assisting him with financial support for an apartment. Isaias was grateful for the opportunities this training provided, stating, “Without this training, I wouldn’t have achieved the financial stability to be able to secure my own apartment.”

To learn more about the Manufacturing Skills for Success training, visit our Participant FAQs.

Thank you for your service to the community, Yecenia!