Our Origin

We believe in a future where all people have access to a good job.

Manuel Morales came to the United States as a migrant tomato farmer from Mexico. One of Manuel’s sons, Tom, saw the power of hard work in his father’s journey. Manuel challenged his family to give back to the Hispanic community, and Tom took his message to heart.

In 2003, Tom founded the Morales Group to fulfill his lifelong dream to bridge the power of employment to those in underserved communities. As Morales Group continued to grow, he launched Project Azul to give individuals the chance to expand their job skills and access to resources in order to climb the job ladder for a better life.

Project Azul offers our candidates the opportunity to advance through training, development, and personalized support. Our dream is to positively impact thousands of lives for the better.

What started as an immigrant’s dream has transformed into a life-changing reality.