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Our goal is to help you secure a good job that provides a pathway for continued career growth. We are focused on providing individualized support that meets your needs. We do this through workforce success coaching, workforce training, and job placement.

  • $16.78

    Average hourly wage of our participants once they complete a training program

  • 85%

    Training program completion rate

Our Process

Our process is simple.

Step One: Connect with us
Contact us and we will reach out to you to conduct an intake. The intake helps us learn more about you and help you set individualized goals!

Step Two: Enroll In & Attend Training
We will help you decide which of our trainings best fits your goals. Our trainings are short in length, hands-on, and interactive! Our team will help make sure you are set up to be successful in the training program you select. You'll also receive an industry-recognized certificate once you complete the training program.

Step Three: Connect with Our Employer Partners
Our goal is to help you secure full-time employment with benefits. We work with a variety of employer partners and will help you identify an opportunity that fits your needs. We will also help you update your resume, prepare for your interview, and guide you through the process until you secure employment.

Step Four: Stay in Contact with Our Team!
We are here to continuously support you through your employment. We'll help you navigate questions about the workplace, identify and apply for promotions, or receive continued professional development!

Let’s Connect!

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Connect with us to learn more about our training opportunities and enroll today!


Workforce Success


Our training programs are hands on and interactive. The content is tailored to prepare you for success in the workplace!  



Do you have additional questions? Do not hesitate to reach out and contact us today!

  • What training programs do you offer?

    We currently offer three different training options:

    Forklift Essentials (FLE)
    Forklift Essentials is a two-day OSHA-compliant course that provides participants with an understanding of the basic functions of safety for and operation of power industrial trucks. Concepts included in this course are safety, operator training, hazard identification and safe load handling.

    The trucks utilized in this course are:
    Sit-down Electric Motor (Class 1)
    Stand-Up Electric Motor Narrow Aisle (Class 2)
    Stand-up Electric Motor Reach (Class 2)
    Stand-up Electric Motor Order-Picker (Class 2)
    Electric Motor Hand Trucks (Class 3)
    Electric Tugger (Class 2)

    Participants receive a Powered Industrial Truck Operator (PITO) license upon successfully passing both a written exam and driving skills practical, as well as a Vincennes University Certificate of Completion.

    Team Lead Essentials (TLE)
    Team Lead Essentials is a two-day course designed for current or future team leads within an organization. The program focuses on equipping Team Leads with the skills necessary to manage and lead high-performing teams.

    The TLE course focuses on four distinct segments including:
    1. The Worker,
    2. The Manager,
    3. The Leader, and
    4. Leading High-Performing Teams.

    In addition, the TLE course emphasizes employability skills, including communication, critical thinking, delegation, time management and conflict resolution. Participants receive a Vincennes University Certificate of Completion upon conclusion of the TLE program.

    Manufacturing Skills for Success (MEP)
    Manufacturing Skills for Success is a ten-day OSHA-compliant course that provides entry-level participants with the basics skills needed to get started in the manufacturing industry.

    The training is focused around ten essential manufacturing skills:
    1. Workplace Skills
    2. 5S System
    3. Math for Manufacturing
    4. Principles of Lean Manufacturing
    5. OSHA 10
    6. Effective Communication & Critical Thinking
    7. Print Reading for Manufacturing
    8. Measurement for Manufacturing
    9. Quality Tools and Techniques
    10. Problem Solving & Root Cause Analysis

    Upon completion, participants earn a MSCC Production Technician Quality Credential, OSHA 10 Certification, and Purdue University Certificate of Learning.

  • How do I qualify for training?

    To qualify you must be at least 18 years old, have authorization to work in the United States, and have a valid, suspended, or expired driver’s license or learner’s permit.

  • Do I need warehouse or logistics experience to enroll?

    No, you do not need warehouse or logistics experience.

  • Is there a cost?

    No, there is no fee for services. We are able to provide services for free thanks to our generous financial supporters.

Contact us to enroll today!

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Our Partners

  • Community Partners

    We collaborate with a variety of nonprofits and community organizations. These partnerships help enhance our work and allow us to provide an ecosystem of support to our participants.

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  • Employer Partners

    Helping participants secure good employment is our goal. We partner with employer partners in Central Indiana to achieve this.

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  • Funding Partners

    Our work would not be possible without the generous support of our funding partners. Through their support, we are able to help make a difference in the lives of hundreds in Central Indiana.

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