• Participant

    Are you interested in a job in logistics? Are you looking for a position with the opportunity for growth? Project Azul can provide you with coaching support, job training, and career placement support. To qualify for our programs, you must:

    1. Be at least 18 years old
    2. Have a valid, suspended, or expired driver’s license or learner’s permit
    3. Have authorization to work in the United States

    Once you connect with us, you’ll receive personalized support to help you reach your professional goals! Connect with us today.

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  • Employer Partner

    Do you have unfilled positions? Project Azul can be a key partner to help you source candidates with the qualifications to fill these positions! As an Employer Partner, you’ll receive:

    • Access to a trained, vetted candidate pool
    • Support from Project Azul to meet your specific employment needs
    • Candidate support to increase workforce success

    We also can tailor our training programs to better meet your employer needs. Contact us to learn more!

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  • Community Partner

    Are you a nonprofit or community organization whose clients could benefit from our services? We’d love to connect with you! We partner with nonprofit organizations to increase awareness of our program opportunities and to create an ecosystem of support for our participants.

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  • Funder

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