Employer Spotlight: HydroGear

Learn about Project Azul's employer partner HydroGear and the work they do within the community.

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Posted in: Employer Spotlights

One of the key aspects of Project Azul’s process is collaborating with our employer partners to provide job opportunities to our participants post training. One of our partners who goes above and beyond in providing opportunities within our community is HydroGear- a manufacturing company that produces hydro-engines and electric engines, mainly used in lawn mowers. Though HydroGear has four locations across the Midwest, Indianapolis is their only urban location and is where they are able to develop their newest electric technologies.

HydroGear is one of Project Azul’s newest employer partners as manufacturing training is new to Project Azul as well. We began offering our Manufacturing Skills for Success training in November 2021. In the four months. Since this pilot program 4 months ago, HydroGear has already hired three Project Azul participants to join their manufacturing team. Our participants have grown and thrived within this organization, with one employee stating, “Everyone is nice, caring, and very helpful. I’m able to learn new things and have room to grow.”

HydroGear is able to provide such a positive work experience because they value people as the center of everything they do. They prioritize safety, building strong relationships, and growth both within their organization and the community. Though they are relatively new to the Indianapolis community, as the branch only opened 6 years ago, they value collaboration and giving back to the community by working with other organizations and businesses.

As both HydroGear and Project Azul continue to work toward building opportunities in Indianapolis, we look forward to growing in our partnership together. To learn more about HydroGear, visit their website at https://www.hydro-gear.com/.

Thank you for your service to the community, Yecenia!