Project Azul Receives C-CERF Funding

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Posted in: Funding

Project Azul has received C-CERF funds to expand its work during this time. We have developed a strategy to assist families in meeting their basic needs during this uncertain time. 

We have received C-CERF funds to expand our work during this critical time and can provide families with financial assistance to meet their basic needs, such as: 

  1. Housing Assistance (rent or mortgage) 
  2. Utility Assistance (electric, gas, and water) 
  3. Internet and Cell Phone Service 
  4. Additional Basic Needs (food, transportation, or healthcare costs) 
  5. Enrollment in Workforce Development Training and Job Placement 

We know that our community is facing a time of critical need and we are committed to evolving our services to help meet the needs of the community. In order to start the process, please contact us.

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Thank you for your service to the community, Yecenia!